How To Plant    Asparagus
Follow these quick steps and save yourself time
when planting your asparagus plants roots/crowns.
Step 1:  Selecting A Location For Planting Your Asparagus
Asparagus plants can live 15 - 20 years. So you will need
a permanent out-of -the-way location in your garden. For
example, along a fence line or in a garden box.
The area should receive at least 7 -  8 hours of sunlight a day.
Asparagus like humus, age compost , sandy soil that has
garden lime and that drains well.
The soil should have a pH of around 7.0  Do a soil test. Soil
test kits are available at Walmart and
garden shops. Or take a sample of your soil to your farm
extension. The soil test will determine how
to amend  the soil
Break up the soil before
planting asparagus.
Planting Asparagus .
. . Prepare the soil
Step 2:  Preparing Your Plot For Growing Asparagus Plants  (Roots / Crowns)
Remove all weeds and all debris.
Till the soil. Use a garden shovel or rotor tiller.
Till down into the soil  about  18 -  inches. Turn the soil over and  bring the
soil that is on the bottom to the top. Break up large clogs of soil. Remove big rocks.
Preparing Your Asparagus Garden In The Fall For Spring Planting.
After the big clogs of soil are broken up add compost, sand
and garden lime.
Cover the area with plastic or newspaper to keep the weeds out till it is
time to plant.
The "Key" to a successful asparagus patch  is the "soil" Good humus,
composted sandy soil, sun , water, plant food. It's that easy!!
Planting Asparagus roots Crowns
For Sale Make A Trench.
Re-till  the Soil.
Step 3:  Making The Asparagus Plant Trench
After the clogs of soil have been broken up and  compost put
down. Then it is time to make the
"asparagus trench".
Make the trench just a few day before you plant or the day that you plant.
Making the trench to
early will only cause it to fill back in.
Dig down about 10 inches. Sounds like a lot of digging but
really it  is simple and fast.   
4.       Make the trench  9 inches deep and about 11/2 feet wide.
After the trench is dug mound up soil inside the trench.    
A.      Mound up the soil in side the trench about 2 inches likE a small hill. Now  place the asparagus root   on top the mounded soil.
Ag Lime can not hurt your garden plants. No matter  when applied. Ag lime makes acid soil more neutral.
And takes about 4 weeks before you will see a different in the soil.
Step 4:  Planting Asparagus Plants   (roots / crowns)                Fast . . .        Easy
Plant the asparagus plants/roots at least 12 - 14 inches a part.
Th spacing between the rows can vary. The average space is
2 feet between rows.
Place the asparagus root on top of the mounded soil in the
trench. Place the long parts of the root t in first and spread them
out as much as possible. The  round knob-like part of the
asparagus root is the crown and should be facing upward.
6 inches of soil  from the top of
the crown upward.
Crown . . . pointed part of the root
Long tentacle parts of the root.
When Is The Trench to Small ?

If the roots are jammed in the trench. If the root parts
just lay on top of one another.
The tentacle parts of the root will touch but  the
shouldn't be crammed in the trench. Try to spread the
long parts of the
Asparagus root out as best you can.
Compacted roots grow slower.
Fill in the entire trench with asparagus roots.
Spacing the roots 12 - 14 inches apart and 2  feet
between the rows. Finish one row at a time before
you go to the next.
Cover the entire asparagus root with soil and close the trench.
If you are getting your asparagus
roots from the Asparagus Garden  the roots that you will
receive will be very mature and it is not
necessary to leave the trench open and fill  the trench a little at
a time. If you should get a rain and the trench is only partially
filled in the trench will fill up with water and the roots will rot.
So close the trench entirely.
There should be approximately 5 - 6 inches of soil on top of
the crown once you have the trench closed. Measure from
the "crown " (pointed part) upward. Do not measure from the
long tentacle parts of the root upward
"Pat down" the soil after the trench is closed. The idea is to
get the air pockets out of the soil.
Step 5:  Water and Give Lunch  To Your New Asparagus Plants.
Water your new asparagus patch. Give a nice generous drink of Asparagus Garden Tea.
Remember Asparagus Plants like moist soil.  Do not over water. Asparagus
would rather be dry than too wet. Moderate watering. Moist soil is the key.
Give two Cheeseburgers and some Fries, please. No I am just joking!!
Asparagus Plants like to eat  and like special treats so give
Asparagus Garden Tea -- Plant Food
Asparagus Garden Tea will fit right in your shipping box with no additional
shipping cost.  Put 3 - 4 tablespoons in a gallon jug of water and  then put the
jug in the sun for 3 hours. Give as often as you like. The Asparagus Garden Tea
is all natural made here at our Asparagus Farm.
Planting Asparagus is Easy
. .
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