How To Grow Horseradish Plants and Roots
When To Plant Horseradish Plants/Roots For Sale
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Horseradish should be planted in the early Spring around March or April or late Fall. All  signs of frost and
heavy rains should be over  with. Some gardeners plant Horseradish in mid-fall or late fall and harvest early in
the Spring.
Preparing your soil before planting is fast and easy. Horseradish will grow in all kinds of soil. However, for
best results it is a good idea to amend your soil. Put down  about 4-6 inches of well -composted organic
matter that is generous in potash. Fresh or partly fresh manure will cause excessive growth and forked roots.  
Also add  2 ounces of all purpose  16-16 -8 fertilizer per square yard of planting area. This fertilizer will be low
in nitrogen and high in potash. It will provide the nutrients to grow the root thick and with high yields. Now
rototill or spade the soil to a depth of 8 -10 inches. Turning under and mixing the soil and all of the ingredients
mentioned above. Horseradish plants will grow in clay or  stony hard soil but the quality of the root will be
compromised and it will be malformed with a poor yield.

After you have amended your soil check the pH . The pH should be around 5.5 - 7.0 Now check  that your
soil has good water drainage.The
drainage test is easy to do and doesn't cost anything. If your garden soil
doesn't pass the drainage test then add sand and retest. Don't be afraid to use sand in your garden soil. It
makes for excellent drainage.  Now  cover the soil with plastic or newspaper until your Horseradish
plants/roots arrive.
Soil Requirements:
How To Plant  Horseradish Plants --  Spacing:
How To Fertilize Horseradish Plants
The compost you put in the hole should be enough for one growing season. Or use a low nitrogen
fertilizer 2-3 times. Too much nitrogen causes overgrowth of plant leaves and excessive root
branching. Unless soil is poor  it doesn't need any fertilizer.
Another important factor to consider when deciding where to plant your Horseradish plants is "spreading".  
Within time the  Horseradish plant will spread around your garden fairly easily.  Keep in mind that
Horseradish will grow the most  in cool fall  temps (60--65 F). The cool weather in the fall stimulates root
growth and the development of the flavor of the Horseradish. And  this is also the time when the Horseradish
plants start showing up all over your garden.

How Do I Keep My Horseradish Plants From Being a Gad-About -Gadis In My Garden?.
In other words how can the Horseradish plants be contained from walking all around your garden. An easy
way to have Horseradish plants stay put is simple. Just plant the Horseradish roots in a plastic nursery pot
or bucket.  Be sure and cut the bottom out of the pot . The bottomless pot will keep the Horseradish from
wandering around your garden but allow for good water drainage.  Now place the hollow bottomless pot in
the soil. Then place some stones in the  bottomless pot. The stones  will make the root  become thick and
keep it from spreading out and become spider- like.

Or, if  you have a  12 inch wide - 24 inch long PVC pipe that will work too. For a more decorative idea the
Horseradish plants can be planted in a 1/2 whiskey barrel. With the attractive foliage this will surely make a
garden center piece.  
Selecting Good Hoseradish Plants / Roots:
Keep the soil just moist.  Over watering will cause root rot. Nor do you want to let your new Horseradish
roots dry out entirely or they will become "woody" and will lack flavor.
The Horseradish plant is  also know as Sting-Nose (Aromotacia Rusticana). Horseradish is a root plant from the
Mustard Family. The only  resemblance between Horseradish and Mustard is that they both grow large leafy  
foliage reaching 18 inches wide and 24 inches tall.

While mustard can make your lips curl  Horseradish has the power to
"sting your nose". Actually the bite and
aroma of the Horseradish root are unnoticeable until it is grated or ground. When the Horseradish root is grated
the cells are crushed and volatile oils (isothiocyanates ) are released and cause the "sting" and the heat. The
heat is stabilized by mixing the grated Horseradish with distilled vinegar. If the Horseradish is not mixed with
vinegar it will turn from white to brown and loose much of its flavor and bite.

The leaves of the Horseradish plants are edible. However horseradish is mostly grown for its white root.  After
the root of the Horseradish plant is harvested and graded  it is ready to use in many recipes and meat dishes.
The Horseradish plant has maintained its popularity with gardeners  for over 3,000 years mostly  because the
Horseradish is care-free and fast growing perennial.
"Sting Nose . . . Delicious . . . Powerful ."
Horseradish  Plant in bloom.
We recommend getting your Horseradish roots from the Asparagus Gardener   Quality Horseradish plants/roots should be white, firm, free from cuts  
and fungus. One end of the Horseradish roots should be cut in a wedge shape.The ideal length of a
Horseradishplants/ root should be around  8 inches  long.
Also Horseradish  cuttings are called "sets".  4 - 6 Horseradish plants should be plenty for the average
family of 4. Approximately one root will make a half-pint of horseradish sauce.
Your soil is all prepared and your Horseradish roots have arrived. Now what is the fasts and easiest way to
plant the Horseradish roots? Follow these quick and easy steps.

Plant  Directly To Your Garden Or In A Bottomless Pot:
1. Dig a hole twice as deep as the root. Loosen the soil in the bottom of the hole.

2. Now place the small end (the slanted cut end )of the root into the hole first at a 45 degree angle.  The
45           degree angle will help the roots that grow along the length of each cutting to grow straight down
without             getting tangled up. The small end of the Horseradish root should be in the soil at least 6 inches

And the top of the root should be about 2 - 3 inches below the surface of the soil.

3. Refill the hole with compost and mound up about 2 inches of soil. The soil will settle over time and
with              watering.

4. When you harvest your roots be sure to mark which end is  up and down.

5. Make sure the tops point in the same direction. The makes it easier when it is time for hoeing and weeding.
Post Planting Care of Your Horseradish Plants . . .  Fast . . . Easy . . . Simple
Horseradish plants can be planted almost anywhere in your garden and in any zone except for zone 13
(dessert). Horseradish plants can be planted in either raised beds or directly to your soil.  Or for a more
decorative idea plant them in a half whiskey barrel.  However, there are some important considerations  such
as sun, soil, water drainage and spreading plants that should be considered when looking for a location to
plant your Horseradish.

Horseradish plants prefer full sun around 6 - 8 hours a day. Horseradish will adjust  to partial shade.
However Horseradish will do poorly in constant shade and or wetness.   
Horseradish Plant Gardening Requirements -- Just the Basics --   Sun, Soil, Water
Where To Plant Horseradish  Plants:
Water Drainage Test:
Spreading -- No Garden Gad-About-Gadis In My Garden
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