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Harvest berries from  Early Spring till Frost
                Strawberry Plant Food and Tea

All organic Strawberry Plant  Food and organic Strawberry Tea. Keep your Everbearing
Strawberry Plants happy all season.
The Strawberry Plant Food comes in a zip lock bag. Add 4
tablespoons to a gallon of  water. Set the gallon of water out in the sun for 2-3 hours and it is ready to
use. Use Strawberry Plant Food for sale as often as you like it is organic therefore no chemical build
up in your soil.

Strawberry plants are fun and easy to grow and should be planted in early Spring.  If your garden
space  is plentiful then plant  the Strawberry plants directly to your  
soil or make a raised bed. If
you  garden space is limited there are several choices for growing Strawberry plants. For
example Strawberry plants will grow in a container or in a hanging pot  or a homemade planter.
Furthermore Strawberry plants can be grown indoors  just find a sunny window or use an artificial
light. So
The first thing to do is search around  your garden for a sunny spot.  If you are going to have an  
indoor Strawberry
plants for sale garden then find a sunny window.  Strawberry plants will need  6
- 8 hours of good sunlight and an area  where  there is good
water drainage. Remember
Strawberry plants are perennials and will produce for years.  So find a location that will be
permanent. Also be sure  not to plant where
tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and potatoes were
grown before.

Now  that you have the location picked out let's  figure out how many Strawberry plants for sale
you will need to plant. A basic "rule of thumb" for planting Strawberries is 30 plants for a family of
4. Keep in mind that not all the Strawberry plants will be ready to harvest at the same time. If
planting in a container or hanging basket a 16 inch basket or bucket will hold about 25
Strawberry plants for sale.

Second, gather up the following items : some organic matter (leaf mold and aged compost),
bone meal,  peat moss,  time release fertilizer and some sand and
Strawberry Garden Tea. Now
it is time to start digging in the soil. Strawberry plants have shallow roots so just till or hoe to the
depth of 5 inches and add the above ingredients Keep in mind that Strawberry plants like a  
of 5.3 - 6.5

After the soil has been tilled. It is time to prepare the Strawberry plants for planting. Trim the roots
of the Strawberry plants to 4-5 inches  and remove older leaves, runners and flowers. Soak the
Strawberry roots in a bucket of water for 1/2 hour. After the time is up take the Strawberry plants  
and place the root in the soil so that the crown is even with the soil. Then fan  out  the Strawberry
root and fill in the soil in between the fanned out parts of the root.  Pat down the soil  with your
hands or use a garden spade. Patting down the soil to remove any air pockets. After all the
Strawberries are planted give them a nice drink of water. Water the plants everyday  so the soil
remains moist but avoid over watering. The soil should be like a damp dish cloth. An easy "Rule
of Thumb" water when the top inch of the soil is dry.

Fertilize once a month till the Strawberry plants start flowering then fertilize
every 10 days till the harvest season is over. The fertilizer should be  high in potassium -- like
tomato feed.
Strawberry Plants   For Sale -
Easy to grow Strawberry Plants.
Harvest ll season.
Raised Strawberry bed. Plant Garlic around  
your  Strawberry Plants For sale to keep
them  pest free and healthy.
"Hanging pots or baskets
are easy to make".
Everbearing Strawberry
Plants For Sale"Fancy
tall planter".
"A terracotta pot".
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"My Walking Onions are gone". Looks like
they will be back -- they left their shoes.
Lots of Strawberry Plants for ice cream."
"Plant Garlic In Your Garden".
I will work hard for you keeping away pest .
Bugs don't like me". They say I "stink
Garden Pots - Containers For Sale:
Hello Gardeners:
My name is Annie Clay Pots. For years  have supplied  gardeners with clay
pots for  planting. Actually gardeners still use them.
But through out years the clay pots have been replaced with plastic  And this
demand for the
plastic pots has  forced me into retirement.
And that is OK .

I am  enjoying  retirement .  But more importantly I help Gardeners select the
correct size Pots for their gardens.

Ask Annie :                

Here's My Thought On Growing In Pots:
Clay pots are heavy and they break. As you can see my hands are broken and
my elbow is chipped. A more convenient way to plant in pots is to use plastic.
The plastic pots for sale don't break and can be used season after season.

***  Planting in Pots Gardening Tip:
Get pots for sale large enough so you don't have to transplant later on in the
season. By planting in pots you can move the plants indoors and continue
growing many things all year. For example Strawberries and Comfy, and
Tomato plants for sale and Horseradish and Spearmint and Okra make nice
house plants.

Tomato makes a nice desk top or kitchen plant and will give you tomatoes all year long.

Annie Pots
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How To Grow  Strawberry Plants All Spring Till Frost
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