Giant Angora Rabbits  For Sale

Giant Angora Rabbits  For Sale. Giant Angora Kits For Sale
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Grand Champion . . .   Giant Angora Rabbit.
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I get a lot of curious people that want to know all about Giant Angora Rabbits. Some of the questions I get are:
How big does a Giant Angora Rabbit get?  Do they eat a lot?  Does a Giant Angora Rabbits For Sale need a lot of
grooming? That's a really big Giant Angora Rabbit For Sale. Let's go through these Giant Angora Rabbits For Sale
questions one at a time.
How big does a Giant Angora Rabbit For Sale get? A full grown Giant Angora Rabbit could weigh up to 12 lbs. By
about 2 1/2 yrs they have reached close to their maximum weight. When a Giant Angora Rabbit has its show coat
on it will look unusually large. A Giant Angora show coat is the wool on the rabbit when is 3 - 4 inches long. The
wool on a Giant Angora Rabbit For Sale is very fluffy and the wool will make the Giant Angora Rabbit look even
larger. Actually under all that wool is at most a 12 lbs bunny. Scroll down to the photos of Giant Angora Rabbits
For Sale and you will see Angora Giant Rabbits with and without their show coats on.

Giant Angora Rabbit do they eat a lot?  Giant Angora Rabbits do not  eat any more than any other large rabbit.
Angora Giant Rabbits consume about 6 ounces of rabbit pellets a day and a hand full of hay. I like to give my
Giant Angora bunnies a treat once a week. I bring them  something fresh from the garden. For example, white
clover, dandelions, raspberry leaves or  strawberry leaves. Nothing with cellulose for the Giant Angora Rabbit.

Does the Giant Angora Rabbit For Sale need a lot of grooming?  When the wool coat on an Angora Giant Rabbit is
short of course there is less to brush. When the wool is short I brush the Giant Angora once a week. At the same
time while brushing I inspect my Giant Angora Rabbits For Sale. I look at the nails, teeth, feet pads, eyes, ears and
under belly. Takes about 10 minutes to brush and another 10 minutes to look over my Giant Angora Rabbit.

As the wool get s longer up to 3-4 inches  it takes about 1/2 hour to do the same brushing and inspecting. And I
brush the Giant Angora Rabbit twice a week.  I have customers that purchase the wool so I keep it in excellent

In sum, the time and care needed for a Giant Angora Rabbit is no more than that of which you would give to any
other family pet.
I hope this helps answer any questions you may have had about Giant Angora Rabbit For Sale.
"Giant Angora Rabbit For Sale".
Under all this Angora Wool is just is just a bunny.
"Oh no the wind is messing up my hairdo".
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Copyright 09
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"Potty" is my Mom." Dad is a White Giant
Angora and Mom is a Black Giant Angora. Click
on my picture for a closer look. I am 3 months
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