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I can still remember my first encounter with Angora German /Giant / English
Rabbits For Sale. I was thumbing around on the Internet looking for Guinea
Hens For Sale.

I had never seen an Angora German /Giant /English Rabbit For Sale. So I
thought I would take a look. Never in the world would I want one of those big
fluffy, red eyed, Angora Rabbits For Sale. So I looked at the site and then went
on looking for Guinea Hens.

As the day went on I just couldn't get the thought of those Angora  German /
Giant/ English Rabbits For Sale  out of my mind. So I went back to that site and
took an second look.

This time I was hooked. I wanted one of those big white fluffy Angora German /
Giant / Wool Rabbits For Sale.

wanted the rabbitry to be  unique. So for the next  year I just took my time and carefully
planned for my future Angora German / Giant / English Rabbits For Sale rabbitry.  

I knew I wanted all pedigree breeding stock. So my breeding stock of Angora Rabbits came
from top-of-the-line breeders from across the United States. I focused on pedigree as well
as ARBA registered Angora German / Giant & English Rabbits For Sale. I wanted rabbits
that produced kits that would make  top quality wool with excellent micron, guard hair and
wool fiber. I wanted top quality wool that I could sell to hand spinners. Also I focused on
breeding stock that would produce kits that had potential as top quality show rabbits.

Then another year went by and within that time I found that caring for the rabbits was still
easy, fast and fun. I learned that "organization" was everything. And that feeding, grooming,
watering, and cleaning were minimal chores.

January 2008 I was blessed with my first liter of kits. Then on Feb 2008 another liter of kits.
Both liter of kits by my Angora German / Giant Rabbits For Sale was exciting and carefree
Also the Bunny Mothers took care of  all the kits -- from the beginning to the end.
Hand spun Angora Wool For Sale
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Our Angora  Giant and English Rabbits For Sale Rabbitry goal remains the same. We are committed to breeding Show quality Angora Giant
Angora and   English  Angora Rabbits For Sale. As well as excellent wool for Hand Spinners.
Later that Spring the  Angora German / Giant / English Rabbits For Sale produced an abundance of wool.  And shortly thereafter
the Amish Community in Tennessee .  At this time I am taking Spinning lesson and find this easy and very relaxing. The sales
from the wool have been great. Now I have to remember to set aside enough wool for myself so I can keep on practicing with my
Spinning Wheel.

I want to say a great big "Thanks" to my family for their input and positive support in helping develop our rabbitry.  A lot of time
has gone into making our rabbitry a success. And I am grateful to you for all your effort.
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