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White Asparagus and Fresh Lobster Recipe
" I . . .Can Cook".
"I Can Bite You Too"!
How To Grow White Asparagus
Step: 1
To grow White Asparagus the Plants Roots must be at least 3 years old.
Step: 2
Use organic soil add Asparagus Garden Tea to your soil for the correct pH. When
daytime temperatures are close to 60 degreesthe  Asparagus spears will come out
of the soil.  To make White Asparagus  cover  the green spears with anything that
will block the sunlight from the Asparagus spears. For example,to make White
Asparagus just take a clean plastic tub and place it over the asparagus spears so
that no light can get in. Or use black plastic or just keep mounding up the soil so
no light gets in. The idea behind making White Asparagus is to block the sunlight.
The " Key" to growing whit asparagus is simply to keep the light out. Buy Asparagus,
Asparagus roots crowns on line.
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Step: 3
In the evening slightly lift up the tub so there is an air flow for the
White Asparagus spears. It is important to have an air flow for the
White Asparagus yet still block the moonlight. The tub can be
wedged by putting a piece of wood under the tub. To continue
making the White Asparagus just remove the wedge of wood in the
morning before the sun comes up.
Step: 4
Another way to make White Asparagus is to mound up the soil around the spears. As the spears
grow tall they will remain White Asparagus as long as they are covered with soil.
The soil will keep the sunlight from reaching the asparagus spears and they will remain White
Asparagus. To make White Asparagus by adding soil to cover the spears is labor intensive. It is an
everyday chore to place soil around the White Asparagus and block the sunlight.

Fast and Easy . . .

A much faster and easier way to make White Asparagus would be to place a tub or other object over
the spears to make White Asparagus. When White Asparagus spears reach 7-9 inches tall they can
be harvested. The best way to keep the White Asparagus spears fresh is to prepare a container that
can hold ice water.
As the White Asparagus spears are picked place them in the container of ice water.

Cooking White Asparagus is done in the same manner as cooking green Asparagus. The Asparagus
spears will stay white under all types of cooking. Unlike its counter-part Purple Passion that is only
purple in the garden and turns green cooked. White Asparagus can be prepared by boiling,
steaming, baking, or grilling. Some gardeners claim that White Asparagus has a more "nutty" taste
than the green asparagus spears. Grow some White Asparagus and decide for yourself.
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