I Like Them All !!
Jersey  Knight Asparagus
Jersey   Giant Asparagus
These  Heirloom Asparagus Plants adapt well to a variety of  soils. Cold hardy. Heat tolerant. The Heirloom Asparagus
Plants are sold as live plants and not as bare roots. They are packages to make the trip to your garden with little stress
and arrive in excellent planting condition.
Heirloom Asparagus have nice straight strong spears. They can be harvested for 8-10 weeks. They produce as many
spears as the Supreme of Jersey Knight. Heirloom Asparagus  are ideal for making  Asparagus Bread, Stews, or Stuffed
with Sea Food and rolled in sour dough . Check out the
recipe page.

Minimum Order - 25 -  Asparagus

Jersey Supreme Asparagus
I planted Jersey Supreme.    

Here's my Asparagus  garden. And here's my Asparagus and Elephant Garlic story. I wanted  Asparagus plants that were
going to be productive and care-free. You know easy to grow. I was told that the
"key" to growing Asparagus was the "soil
"and "watering". And that the Asparagus would grow well as long as I provided the proper soil and water.

As it turned out  I tilled my
soil added compost and some sand and had a pH of 7,0. I watered the Asparagus once and
sometimes twice a week. If the soil was moist I just let it be.

So all in all . . . . It doesn't matter which variety you choose as long as you prepare the soil and water just moderately.
The Jersey Supreme produce an  average size spear that are sweet and tender. I added some Jersey Giants Asparagus in
another area and I like those as well. The Giant were a thicker spear yet still tender and sweet.
Soon after I cut the spears off in a couple of weeks others appeared.

I planted a natural barrier of Garlic around my Jersey Supreme  and Jersey Giant Asparagus. The Garlic kept out garden
pests -- bugs and rabbits. It's the smell of the Garlic that garden pests don't like. The good thing is that the Asparagus does
not absorb the Garlic smell.
Elephant Garlic or Jumbo Garlic works best.
"I planted Heirloom. I canned mine so I could enjoy Asparagus  during
the winter. Look closely at the spears in the jars. They are not chewed
on and don't have holes in them.  I planted
Garlic in between the
asparagus . The garlic works as a natural barrier at keeping bugs  and
rodents out of my garden."

Asparagus -  Georgia  Community Gardeners
We are Community Gardeners. We gather together to plant Asparagus and other veggies. Here we can enjoy each
other in a peaceful non stressful environment. And grow some Asparagus for someone who can't . . .It surely is a
joyful experience.

We grew Jersey Knight Asparagus last season. They grew very well for us. The Jersey Knight are thinner than the
other varieties. They are sweet and tender. Tye is stir fry specialist. His secrets to sweet tender Asparagus is olive
oil, oregano, high cooking temperature, butter and sea salt. We plant garlic in between the Asparagus to protect
our Asparagus. So far it has helped a lot.

The ladies like to make salads and use the Jersey Knight for pickling.  John breads the spears and makes extra
for the freezer.

The Jersey Knight produce a few less spears per plant than the other varieties. The Jersey Knight variety make
about 5 spears per plant. However they are not already at the same time for harvesting. The ones that are not
picking size ( 7 - 9 inches) will be ready in a week or so. The Jersey Knight are sweet and tender as all the other
varieties of Asparagus. It really doesn't matter which variety of Asparagus you plant. Just prepare you soil
properly and all varieties are carefree and easy to grow. If you have clay in your gardening soil, remove it as best
you can and fill in with compost and sand. Do the
"water drainage perk  test"  when your done.

The Test goes like this . . . dig a hole 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide. Then fill the hole up with water. Then time it -- if
there is water standing in the hole 2 hours later you will need to adjust the drainage in your gardening area.
Adjusting  the drainage is easy to do sometimes just adding sand will make the difference. This season I am
adding more
garlic that really works when trying to keeps bugs out of the garden.

Looks like the vote is in . . .  we will be adding  Jersey Supreme and Jersey Giant  to our Community Garden in

We always grow more than we can use so we can give to those that can't not garden.
Start a Community Garden in your area and enjoy meeting new gardening friends and share  .
the harvest.

Plant a Community Garden grow some Jersey Asparagus for someone who can't . . . it surely is a
joyful experience.
Asparagus Varieties
Heirloom  - Jersey Knight - Jersey Supreme - Jersey Giant -
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All Asparagus varieties will grow well in your
garden no matter what zone you are in. The "key"
to growing a successful easy care-free
Asparagus garden is the
"My Walking Onions are gone". Looks like they will be
back -- they left their shoes."
Thank goodness..
Heirloom Asparagus
I planted Jersey Giant.    Here's my Asparagus  Garden. And here's my Asparagus Gardening
story. As you can see the Jersey Giants produce thick spears. Also the Jersey Giant variety
produce about 4 spears per root. Now you many think that your getting less than say from the
Jersey Supreme variety . For example, if you count the number of spears on the Jersey Giant
variety  and count the number of spears on the Jersey Supreme there is a difference. But the thing
is that if you gather 7 spears from the Supreme variety and took 4 of the Jersey Giant variety the
total weight of each asparagus variety would asparagus would weight the  same.

So in weight you are actually getting the same amount. The difference is the Jersey Giant variety
is thick and the Jersey Supreme the spears are more thin and slender.
The Jersey Giant variety since they are thicker can take the intense heat from the grill or baking in
the oven and canning. Some may argue that  the "bigger the spears "  are tougher and not as
sweet. However the University of PA proved that theory to be a myth. Thicker does not mean
tougher. The Jersey Giant are just as sweet and tender as the other
asparagus varieties of Jersey
Asparagus. Here's the most recent research on the tough guy.

I have to support Jay's notion on prepare the
soil properly and water moderately and you will have
a very "successful" asparagus garden. And add some Asparagus variety to your garden. Add
some thick ones, some thin ones, and some average size ones. It will be a challenge not to over
eat. If you do you may turn green like me.
My name is Jolly.
My favorite color is green. All the Jersey varieties are sweet and tender. I ate
so many I got gas. I  joined a Community garden but I couldn't make any
"I'm Sharon
I am  a school teacher known  around the Missouri area as the "green
thumb asparagus roots plants for sale canning lady"
Parent conferences this  Fall  kept me busy. I did not have time to
plant my Garlic in my garden. So I planted the garlic it in pots.
I can here the pounding of their big feet sounds like Elephants . They
want to get in to my garden. I'd better go open the gate.

I can all varieties of Asparagus. I like the Jersey Giant  variety as they
fit just right into my canning jars."
Check Out the recipes
John, Sarah, Silvia, Tye, Iran, and Reni here.
"We are Community Gardeners from Georgia".
Dave from North Carolina. Asparagus
is an investment of money and time". I
wanted the best return on my investment so I
took the time to prepare my
soil and it paid
Horseradish Plants
Click on the picture.
"Honey .... what are those things flying above our heads. Looks like they
just took off with your hair piece."
First Time Home  Asparagus Gardener - Plan On Growing Heirloom Asparagus
Ed and Carol we are first time Asparagus Gardeners from Illinois. We are planting the Heirloom Asparagus. We have about
an average size back yard. We got tired of mowing the grass. And wanted to put something in the yard that would benefit
our family as well as something that was fun to do. So we got back into gardening. We read about all the Jersey Asparagus
varieties and like them all. We figured that we wanted to do something a little different.

We wanted to grow Organic and we wanted go grow everything the was not a hybrid. We are planning on putting in the
Heirloom Asparagus. The thing that we liked most about  the Asparagus varieties at the Asparagus Gardener - Farm was
the natural way the Asparagus Gardener - Farm grows their
Asparagus Varieties. All Asparagus is chemical free and
fertilized with the
Asparagus Tea which is all organic and has no chemicals added. Furthermore it  can be used on all
garden veggies and flowers.

That excited us the most. So we are thrilled to start the Spring 2012 with planting our Heirloom Asparagus.
The Heirloom Asparagus variety are natural ( a wild asparagus variety) - no genetic changes. So we know we will get some
thick spears and some thin spears all in the same Asparagus patch. We plan on planting the Asparagus right in front of the
bean poles. Now that may not be the best place for the Asparagus but I figured that the ferns from the Asparagus would
shade the
Ever bearing Strawberry plants from  the afternoon sun. We  are hoping for the best.
Heirloom  Asparagus Crowns- Roots
"Gardening is my passion. It is a nice contrast from the busy hectic
week at the office. My Asparagus beds have the varieties of Jersey
Knight, Giant, Supreme Asparagus growing".

"I am adding Heirloom this season. My family can't believe the
Heirloom grow so fast. So I can't wait  to eat them  up."
Danny from Grapevine, Texas.
I like Heirloom Asparagus. Easy to grow and plentiful. I use the Asparagus Tea
from early Spring till Fall. When Fall comes I don't feed the Asparagus any more as
they are preparing to go dormant. The Tea feeds the Asparagus roots and the
garlic  protects the spears  from bugs and rodents.
Albert's Mountain  
Tomato Plants.
Click on the picture for details.
Albert'sTomato Plants
Click on the picture for details.
"I like a little bit of chopped up Walking Onions with my steamed
asparagus spear. Does not matter which variety of Asparagus
they are all good.

"Just wish my Asparagus would quit hitching a ride with my
Walking Onions.
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