Asparagus Plants Roots / Crowns  For Sale.  . .
Walking Onions, Elephant Garlic, and Horseradish. . . .
Read This Page Before Placing An Order . . . .
Shipping .  . . . Fast   . . .  Easy
US Mail Priority Mail
2-3 day delivery service
US Priority Mail has been a very reliable and best price
service for us. We have had 100% on time delivery with
Packages for live plants, roots, and asparagus plant
food are shipped by box size not weight. We are
very skilled at getting as much stuff in one shipping
box as we can without damaging the roots or other
products. We don't set the standards -- they are set
by US Mail.
Helpful   Hints:
For "Best Value" in shipping -- ship your box full.
Fill up the shipping box. You are paying for the box
not weight  -- so fill the box up.

For Example:
25 Asparagus Roots the box is half full. Put some other things in the box and get the most out of the shipping you are paying for.

Large orders. . .  
We pack all big or small order ourselves. We are very skilled at getting as many items as possible in one box as we possible can. We
believe in not wasting space.

Let your Postal Person know that you will be receiving a package. If box will not fit in your Mail Box. The Postal Carrier may leave you
a notice to pick up the package at the post office.
      Shipping Notice -- Ship Your Box Full !!
  Get the Most Out of Your Shipping  Cost!!
Ship your box full . . . It cost the same to ship 1 item as it does
                 to ship  the box full.
2 - Asparagus Tea
to Feed the Asparagus.
25 - Asparagus Roots
4 - Raspberry Plants
"Looks Like My
Walking Onions Ran
Off With The Postman".
5- Walking Onions
5 - Elephant Garlic
"It's not Capuchino". It's
Asparagus Garden Tea To Feed
the Asparagus With"
4 -Horseradish Plants
15 -Strawberry Plants
Click on the Pictures for More
"Oh no here comes Mr. Mustache and
his dancing tomatoes."
Tennessee Mountain Tomato Plants.
Tennessee Mountain Tomato Plants
Click on the white diamond
Asparagus Plants For Sale
Walking Onions
Elephant Garlic
Growing Asparagus
Asparagus Garden Tea
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