What Is Asparagus?
Asparagus roots and crowns for sale are a
hardy perennial adapted in Zones 3 to 8
How Many  Asparagus Roots - Crowns To Plant:
For every family member who enjoys asparagus plant crowns..
Plan on  25 feet of row for everyone who eats asparagus in your
family. Generally two rows fifty feet long will take care of a family of
four with extra to share or preserve.
Asparagus produce spears. The  young shoots (spears)
are the edible part of the asparagus plant.  The spears are
edible for 6 - 8 weeks.  Then the harvest season is over.
So harvest all you can and either freeze or can some. The
spears will emerge as soon soil temperatures rise above
50 degrees Fahrenheit in the Spring.
As a perennial vegetable  Asparagus is a garden plant that you
can count on returning early each Spring for many years to come.
Asparagus is most commonly planted from crowns. The
crowns are also called Asparagus roots or plants.
Asparagus can be planted  in Fall, or in Spring as long as
the soil temperature is above fifty degrees.  
Before during anything to your soil have the soil tested to determine just exactly what the soil is missing. Check
with you local Farm Extension. Their tests are usually inexpensive and come with easy to read details and
suggestions on how to correct soil defiances.

Pay attention to the phosphorus and potassium levels. Micro nutrients are not important for growing  Asparagus
successfully. Let the soil testers know that Micro nutrients are not important and it may be possible to get the
test done for even cheaper. The aged composted manure and compost from kitchen waste is normally
abundant with phosphorus and adding course sand maybe all your soil needs.

Water Drainage Test:
This is a fast easy test that can be done by yourself.  How To Do Water Drainage Test  can be found at the
Asparagus Gardener web site. They do a really nice job with many articles on Planting Asparagus. Just be sure
and come back to http://andysasparagusacres.com  to order your Asparagus roots and crowns for sale.

Once the soil is prepared you will want to maintain ah high nutrient level high. See bottom of this page for
details on adding
Andy's Organic Plant Vitamins to the  soil. Also to maintain a good quality soil. Feed your
Asparagus  roots use
 Andy's Organic Energy Drink For Plants and give Asparagus Plant Vitamins as well.
Every year in the Spring and again in the Fall side dress the asparagus bed with more compost.

Where To Plant Asparagus Roots and Crowns
Choose a sunny site with fertile soil that’s clear of weeds and grass and remove any clay and large rocks.  
Plant the Asparagus  crowns 12 - 14 inches a part or give them 1 square feet each. A row is optional. Locate
asparagus along the back or side of your garden, as the fronds will grow 5 - 6 feet tall. Leave the  ferny foliage
stand all summer and late fall  (after a good frost and you know winter is just around the corner)and when the
roots  have gone dormant  cut the ferns off.  
How to calculate your garden area for the number of Asparagus to plant
When To Plant Asparagus
Plant dormant  2 - year-old Asparagus plants roots and crowns for sale in Spring or Fall at about the same time you
would plant potatoes. However don’t rush to plant  Asparagus roots  if your soil is still cold.
There is no advantage to planting the crowns in cold, wet soils. They will not grow until the soil warms and there is
danger of the plants being more susceptible to Fusarium crown rot if crowns are exposed to cold, wet soils over a
prolonged period.
And Now The Harvest:
First season Asparagus 2 Yr  Crowns are planted in your garden just let them grow. Following season
when you do harvest, do so when the spears are six to ten inches above the soil line.
The heads of the spears  should still be tightly closed and firm. Just snap or cut the spears off at the soil
line. You can harvest asparagus for about six to eight weeks each Spring. Generally Asparagus harvest
starts in late March to early April for most gardeners. If you are noticing decreased production in your
asparagus plants, stop harvesting and let the plant store energy for next season. Be sure to give it a good
side-dressing of compost  manure.
Asparagus is very drought tolerant and can usually grow without
supplemental watering because it seeks moisture deep in the soil.

However, if rainfall is insufficient when planting or afterwards, it is
beneficial to moderately water the crowns. Otherwise the plants will
become stressed and vigorous growth will be impeded. Use the
Plant Energy Drink in place of watering. Goal here is not to over
water. And water at the root level avoid getting the ferns wet. See
Grow Asparagus for more planting details.
Asparagus Varieties  To Plant:
Salt and Weed Control:

Weed control can only be accomplished by hand hoeing and
cultivating during the planting year since there are no herbicides
neither recommended nor available.

Those herbicides labeled per-emergence herbicides may be used
during the second spring. Apply reemergence herbicides about three
weeks before spear emergence.  Do  not use salt to control weeds.  
Salt has a different function not weed control. Salt is used as a growth
supplement  and to control fungus not weeds. Best to control weeds
by hoeing.
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Asparagus Roots Crowns are dormant from late November to the
end of Feb. Order early way before your planting time. We are an
Asparagus Farm and sell out way before Spring shipping starts.
Watch the ferns grow. Fertilize water moderately.
Plant Asparagus early Spring.
Shipping begins Feb - March           
Jersey Supreme is a hybrid that produces an abundant amount of
uniform-sized sweet spears.
The plants are disease-resistant and best adapts  to many types of
soil  including lighter, sandier soils.
Jersey Giant  Roots - Crowns  
Jersey Supreme Roots -
Crowns  Plants For Sale:
- all male hybrid
- Grow in poor salty or alkaline soil
- highly productive
- stalks are more thinner than the Jersey King
- hardy even in sub zero weather

Jersey Knight – One of the best Jersey hybrid varieties
it’s a vigorous plant that’s resistant to rust, crown rot
and fusarium wilt.
Jersey Knight Crowns
Jersey Giant
- all male hybrid
- good choice for cold climate, but will adjust easy to others
- large spear size, thicker than the Jersey King or Knight
- resists fusarium wilt, crown rot and rust
- prominent flavor
- produce few less spears than the Jersey King
- standard variety for home or commercial planting
- resistant to rust
- excellent taste
- tasty spears are dark green with purple color at the tips
- plenty of sweet tender spears.
Heirloom Asparagus Crowns:
Garden Pests Go Organic With
   Marigolds and Garlic
Garlic Plants:
Plant garlic in between and around your all your garden plants and
especially  the  Asparagus roots and crowns for sale. Rodents and insects
do not like the smell as well as the taste of garlic -- works great for any
thing that hops, crawls or slithers into your garden.
Nothing Says Spring Like  Asparagus !!
" Nothing like getting the job done the easy way".
Andy's Asparagus Organic Plant Vitamins
Adding The Right Kind Of Salt And For The Right Reason.
           Not all salts are created equal    
Plant Elephant Garlic To Control Pests In Your Garden
We are harvesting Asparagus with a farm tractor and pulling
3 Asparagus Harvesters behind. Do not try this with a
garden tractor. Someone will surely get hurt. .
2 People can hand pick an acres in one hour. Clip
the spears just a little below the soil.
Asparagus Roots and Crowns
For Sale are easy to grow and
we are here to show you how.
Harvest plenty and freeze for
enjoyment when there is none.
Soil Requirements:
Garden   Energy  Drink  For Plants
Andy's Fresh and Fertile Energy Drink  For Asparagus
Andy's Plant Vitamin is an all organic  specially formulated salt high in Magnesium  and Sulfate. With the recent
push towards “green” living. Organic Salt is an ideal answer to a variety of organic gardening needs. Both cost
effective and produces healthy plants. Salt is an affordable green treatment for your well-tended plants — both
indoors and out. An all Organic  natural plant vitamin.
Once your Asparagus roots have been planted they will need to be fed.  

Take 3 - 4 tablespoons of the  Andy's Plant Energy Drink into a gallon of water. The energy drink is
all organic. Now your Asparagus is ready to produce for you.
 "Grow better healthier Asparagus plants the organic way."
   New this Season now Available the ever so good
   and hard to find Comfry Garden Tea.All brewed and ready to use
   on all your garden plants.
I am Buster Urmine  (Gunner)
South Texas Farmers Market .
Tennessee Mountain Tomato Plants

This Spring 2013 I am growing Asparagus.
I use the Andy's Energy Drink on my Tomato Plants .All
organic is the only way to go. The Energy Drink feeds the
plants. The tomato plants  are bigger and greener than
seasons before and  with so many tomatoes.
Please note that not all  salts are created equal. When using  salt in gardening, it is strongly recommended that the
highest quality salt available is utilized. Andy's Asparagus Plant Vitamin is the brand that can be used  with  your
Asparagus garden, lawn, plants and trees.

The  Plant Vitamin is c
omposed exclusively of Magnesium  and Sulfate,  Plant Vitamin salt are intensely rich in these two
helping it reach its fullest potential and creating a lush and vibrant plants. Unlike common salts, Andy's  Plant Vitamins does
not build up in the soil over time, so it is very safe to use.
Magnesium is beneficial to plants from the beginning of their life, right when the seed begins to develop. It assists
with the process of seed germination; infusing the seed with this important mineral and helping to strengthen the
plant cell walls, so that the plant can receive essential nutrients.

Magnesium also plays a crucial role in photosynthesis by assisting with the creation of chlorophyll, used by plants
to convert sunlight into food. In addition, it is a wonderful help in allowing the plant to soak up phosphorus and
nitrogen, which serve as vital fertilizer components for the soil. Magnesium is believed to bring more flowers and
fruit to your garden, increasing the bounty as well as the beauty of your gardening space.

Andy's Plant Vitamins  do not change the pH of the soil unlike lime.
Sulfate, a mineral form of sulfur found in nature, is an equally important nutrient for plant life. Sulfate is essential to
the health and longevity of plants, and aides in the production of chlorophyll. It joins with the soil to make key
nutrients more effective for plants, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Sulfate works in conjunction with
Magnesium to create a “vitamin” full of minerals, nourishment and health benefits for your garden. Both Mag and  
Sulfate are highly soluble and allows for foliage feeding.
How to Use Andy's Plant Vitamin  In Your Garden and House Plants:
Perhaps the most natural and easiest place to start with  Andy's Organic Plant Vitamins is with the potted plants that
are dispersed around your house and porch. Plant Vitamin  is such a simple way to increase their blooming and
health, and is something that you can include easily as a part of a normal routine. For potted plants, simply dissolve
2 tablespoons per gallon of water and substitute this solution for normal watering at least once a month – although
it is safe to do this as often as desired.
Adding this Plant Vitamin solution to house plants that have been potted for a long time is especially useful.
Where  as natural salt and cooking salt can build up in the soil and clog the root cells of the plant. Plant  Vitamin
can help to clear up this accumulation of natural salts in the pot and lead to a revival in the plant's health and

It is also useful for a plant that has just been potted as it will more easily receive the proper nutrients and have a
healthy start in life. As general guidance, most plants need plenty of sun to receive the benefits of the Plant
Vitamin (and photosynthesize). Therefore be sure to keep typical house plants in a sunny area of the home
unless instructed otherwise. Using Plant Vitamin  with potted vegetable plants is a really wonderful idea as well,
because it can increase the amount of fruit or vegetables you receive from the one plant. This is particularly
beneficial to apartment dwellers and those with little or no personal yard space, as Plant Vitamin can help you
receive a large bounty within a confined space. A wonderful way to easily and effectively grow food
First Planting with Andy's Plant Vitamin:
For setting up your garden and the initial planting stage, Plant Vitamin is especially useful for getting a
nourishing start. Prep your garden soil by sprinkling up to 1 cup of the Plant Vitamin per 100 square feet
and then work it into the soil before seeding or planting. This helps the seeds to germinate better and start
with a strong and healthy growth. It is also very beneficial for more mature plants that you are going to
add to your garden, since the transition can be difficult for their growth and health.
Vegetable Gardens  and Andy's Plant Vitamin:
For maintaining and creating a vegetable garden, Andy's Plant Vitamins you refresh and revitalize the garden you
have . For general purposes, Plant Vitamin  works well as a saline solution for a tank sprayer. Simply fill your tank
sprayer  with 1 tablespoon of  per gallon of water. Then spray your garden after the initial planting. Later when it
begins to grow (or after a month or so for transplants), and lastly when the vegetables begin to mature. It is
believed that this practice will give you healthier vegetables and a lush vegetable garden.
Tomatoes & Best Results With Plant Vitamins
Tomatoes are prone to magnesium deficiency later in the growing season, and display this through yellow leaves
and less production. They can greatly benefit from Andy's Plant Vitamin treatments both at the beginning of their
planting and throughout their seasonal life. When gardening, simply add one or two tablespoons per hole before
planting the seeds or transplants. Then as the tomato matures, either work in one tablespoon  per foot of plant height
around the base of the tomato plant (individually), or create the tank sprayer solution mentioned above and use that
every two weeks.
Asparagus Roots and Crowns
Plant in fertile sandy loam soil.
Asparagus Roots are Easy to Grow.
Make a trench and  plant.
Garden Asparagus roots in a grow bag.
The bag should be at least 18 inches
in depth with many drainage hole.
Plant Asparagus roots and crowns for sale
in a garden box. Just  be sure there is
good soil under neath your bed as roots
will grow down l 18 inches
What's Missing You Need to Know - Soil Test:
Many gardeners have had good success with  adding in 20 lbs of a 10 - 20 -10 or similar analysis fertilize a
long with adding aged compost and sand to there soil. Apply about 1 lb. of 0 - 4  6 - 0 (triple super
phosphate) or 2 lbs. of 0 -20 - 0 (super phosphate) fertilizer per 50 feet of row in the bottom of the furrow
before planting. This will make phosphorus immediately available to the crowns.

Organic Approach To Gardening Asparagus. If you don't like chemical fertilizers and want to stay organic
then use Andy Energy Drink For Plants found at the bottom of this page. The goal here is a sandy loam soil
pH close to 7.0
How To Water Asparagus:
Making The Trench and Planting Asparagus Roots
Now that the soil has been prepared with compost and fertilizer it is time to make the trench. Level off you
prepared area. In that area make a trench about 1 1/2 feet wide and about 9 inches deep. Inside the trench
mound up about 2 inches of soil. Take the root and spread it out on top of the mounded up soil. Go 12 -14
inches and plant the next root. When the row is complete fill back in the soil that was removed. There should
be 5 - 6 inches of soil on top of the crowns. These are mature roots at Andy's Asparagus Acres and we do
not recommend filling in the trench over time.
Organic a better way to keep your soil healthy and your Asparagus plants producing
great  harvest  every season   for you.
Who Wants to Eat Herbicides?  Go Organic Use Andy's All Organic
Why Use Asparagus Plant Vitamins?
Keep your self healthy. Go Organic
with Andy's Plant Vitamins.
Not All Salts Are Created Equal
Marigolds are pretty and flower plants consistently  bloom
from early Spring till late Fall.

However pretty these plants are they do smell. The smell
keeps pest insects as well as rabbits out of your garden.
They have shallow root systems and great to plant in
between Asparagus and Tomato , lettuce and most any
garden plants.
"Oh no they planted Garlic in with the
Asparagus. Looks like we will have to find
another road side dinner".
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Spread the Asparagus Roots Out.
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Asparagus Roots are perishable so plant soon.
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