Asparagus Plants / Roots For Sale
Buy Big healthy 3 or 2 yrs old Asparagus plants - crowns for your garden.
Plant and pick this season. Like no other. We are an Asparagus Farm and
grow our own Asparagus
Easy to grow asparagus plants.
Varieties: Asparagus Roots / Crowns
       3Yr - 2 Yr - 1 Yr - Baby
* Heirloom Asparagus
         *  Jersey Knight
* Jersey Giant                       * Jersey Supreme
Easy To Grow Asparagus Plants For Sale . . .
Where to Buy Asparagus Roots/Plant?
Buy Asparagus Plants Buy The Asparagus
Planting is easy and Asparagus will grow in all climates.
About 7- 8 hours of sunlight a day.
Keep the soil moist but not soggy wet.
Mulch for weed control.
Growing Asparagus is fun and easy.
Delicious -- Easy To Prepare  Asparagus  Recipes
Nothing could be finer than fresh asparagus from your own garden.
There are many easy to do
Asparagus Recipes.
Buy Asparagus Online For Your Garden
and enjoy  great harvests every year
Why Buy The Best  Asparagus Plants?
Asparagus plants live 15 - 20 years if planted in fertile well drained
We ar an Asparagus Farm and  grow quality not quantity Asparagus
roots /crowns in many varieties.
How To Grow Asparagus  Plants.
Harvest at 7-9 inches.
               3 Yr 2 Yr , 1 Yr
      Jersey Supreme,   Jersey Knight,   
      Jersey Giant,         Heirloom            
We grow a small quantity of Asparagus plants/roots that have
excellent quality.
Our asparagus roots have been growing for 2 and 3+ years.
And have large root systems which are needed to produce good yields
Asparagus Roots Crowns For Sale For Your
Good Health.. Easy to grow in a bed, along
a fence or just directly to your garden.
Planting Asparagus is an investment of your time and money. Protect
your investment. Buy top quality Asparagus plants/crowns  from our
Asparagus Farm and be assured of healthy 3 yr. old highly productive
Asparagus plants.
               Asparagus Garden Tea
                                        Quart Size Bag

The Asparagus Garden Tea is all organic and made at our Asparagus Farm. We
have been feeding the Asparagus the Tea since seedling stage till time they
leave our Asparagus Farm. The Tea is easy to prepare. Just take 3 - 4
tablespoon and  put it in a gallon jug of water. Set the Asparagus Tea in the sun
for 3 hrs and it is ready.

Don't let your Asparagus go hungry waiting for the compost to breakdown. An  
Asparagus root is fibrous and the tea is directly absorbed into the root.   
Therefore no waiting to eat. Just like at MC Donald.

* Two will last from early Spring till Fall.
Minimum Order   25    Asparagus
Minimum Order   25    Asparagus
Order Now for easrly Spring Shipping.
Minimum Order   25  Asparagus

Order Now for  Fall 2013
Free Shipping    Asparagus Garden Tea and Asparagus Plant Food
Ships for Free when it fits in the same shipping box as the Asparagus.
4 Tea  will fit in the box with 25 Asparagus Roots.
           Asparagus Plant Food
                    Quart Size Zip Lock Bag
The Asparagus Plant Food is all organic and made at our Asparagus Farm. We have
been feeding the Asparagus our all organic plant food from  seedling stage till time they
leave our Asparagus Farm. The Asparagus Plant Food is easy to prepare. Just mix in
with your soil .

Keep your Asparagus Plants Healthy and Productive.       
     Asparagus    Garden    Tea  !!

Once your Asparagus are planted and fed they are ready to start producing for you.
Feed your Asparagus well and they will give you many years of great harvest.
Must Read Before  Ordering
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Buy Asparagus  Heirloom, Jersey Supreme,
Jersey Knight , and Jersey Giant
Feed your Asparagus well and they
will give you many years of great harvest.   
Plant Garlic in between your Asparagus and other
garden plants to keep pests out. Rabbits and bugs don't
like us because they say " we stink".

We promise not to make your Asparagus smell. They
will be as sweet smelling and  tasty  as ever.
Garlic A Natural Barrier to Wanted Pests
"You won't find Asparagus Garden Tea at
Starbucks. We make it right here at our
Asparagus Farm . . .  all organic.
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3 Yr - Asparagus  Roots / Crowns For Sale For Your Garden
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             3Yr - 2 Yr - 1 Yr - Baby
* Heirloom Asparagus
         *  Jersey Knight
* Jersey Giant                       * Jersey Supreme
Asparagus Farm Store
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Asparagus Farm Store
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Garlic The Natural  Barrier To Controlling Garden Pests