This  is .  .  .  .    Asparagus Garden Tea.
Asparagus   Garden  Tea
The Seeping Process:
Compost Tea is an aerobic water solution that has extracted the microbe population
from the compost along with the nutrients in a highly concentrate state. It doesn’t burn
plants like
store bought fertilizers can. Compost tea can restore beneficial organisms to
your soil that were killed by pesticides or extreme weather.   Buy organic compost tea
on line.
The goal is to increase the number of beneficial organisms as an organic approach to plant /
soil Care once the Asparagus Roots For Sale planted and fed they are ready to start
producing  for you.In sum, Asparagus Garden Tea is a garden beverage  increases and
maintains soil quality threw microbes.
The beneficial microorganisms and give a disadvantage to the bad microorganisms. For
garden plants give Compost Tea.
Diseases Asparagus Garden Tea  is effective against:   
Black Spot -   Mildew (Downy ) -  Needle Cast - Verticilium Wilt -   White Flies

Rust -  Aphids - Tent Caterpillars  -   Mites Leaf Curl -   Red Thread
The Asparagus Garden Tea applied microbes consume and out compete pathogens for plant
surfaces. Reduces use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers
Occupies the space around the infection sites so even if the disease-causing organisms do
start to grow they can't penetrate the plant tissue.

Asparagus Tea  also Increases
water and nutrient retention and aids in the breakdown of
toxins in the soil and plants

A Safe To Use Natural Products:
Commercial fertilizers don't promote healthily soils. They make plants look good and that is
for a short term. Feeding plants without concern for the long term health of the soil is like
building a house on sand.
Furthermore, the Tea being organic brings higher essential vitamins and nutrients that
the body needs to fight cancer.
"The gardening world is buzzing about the incredible
benefits of compost tea for every thing that grows".
Buy Garden Tea online and make your own premium quality organic compost
tea without the hassle of the mess of traditional compost tea method. And
shortly you will be enjoy Asparagus.
Gardeners all know compost is terrific stuff. But there's something even better
than plain old compost, and that is Asparagus Garden Tea.
Compost Asparagus Tea is hardly a new idea for creating great soil. Generations of
farmers and gardeners the world over already know the amazing power of compost tea.
What's new and very exciting is scientific research has proven  just how incredible this
garden beverage really is to all vegetable and flowers plants. And after many years the
composted Tea lives on.

More than ever home gardeners and farmers use compost tea as an organic fertilizer to
restore a much needed diversity of bacteria, fungi and protozoa back into the
soil food
. Because of the ability of the compost tea to fight disease and replenish the soil daily
with nutrients  Asparagus Garden Tea has become the cornerstone to our
Gardening and Farming.
Billions of Beneficial Microbe
Less than 1/4 teaspoon of garden tea has been shown to contain over a billion bacteria.
This same quarter-teaspoon may also contain over 16 feet of active fungal strands.
Seeping is a breeding process to increase the micro herds of beneficial soil organisms.
Why Are Microbes Beneficial?
Plants depend on fungi and bacteria convert soil minerals to useful forms and build soil.
Structure the higher the numbers and diversity of beneficial microorganisms in your soil
food web. The higher the
disease protection, nutrition and yield of your  plants. If you
maximize the biology of your soil, you will maximize the growth, health, vitality of your crops
and plants. Controls and cures leaf curl. Where to buy
compost tea. Buy compost tea online.
"Really  great  Cappuccino  .  .  .  Rose".
"No  . . . This  is  not  Cappuccino".
"Once the Asparagus Plants - Roots - Crowns For Sale Are Planted and Fed.
They Are Ready To Start Producing For You."
Asparagus Tea Application?
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Making Good Compost Tea:
Beneficial Microbes?
Leaf Curl
Verticillium Wilt
"Good" micro-organism and nutrients.
Needle  Cast
There are two ways to apply the Asparagus Tea.

First the Tea can be used as a soil drench, The tea should be applied at about 1 quart
per plant. Just use in place of watering. When Tea is  applied to the root system it is a
direct feed as the Tea is absorbed immediately into the fibrous
root. Therefore the plant
is fed and no waiting for compost to break down.

Second way to apply  the Asparagus Tea  is to apply it as spray. For best results, at least
75% of the upper and lower leaf surface should be covered with each application and
should be applied every two weeks though out the growing season.  

Start when the plants have developed their first set of true leaves.  On trees and shrubs
spray two weeks before bud break then every 10 to 14 days.  The tea should be applied
before 10:00AM or after 3:00Pm on sunny days because the UV light will kill the

When compost tea is sprayed on a plant, the plant will often grow more vigorously,
resist disease and insect attack, and may produce higher yields of
flowers and fruits.  
While chemical pesticides work by killing microorganisms, both the pathogenic and the
beneficial ones, compost tea works on a very different principle.

Inoculation of the
soil with beneficial organisms can help to release plant available
nutrients, aid the decomposition and recycling of soil organic matter, improve soil
structure and add beneficial organisms to the soil.  The soil is full of
such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes, and can aid plant growth..  
The goal for using compost tea is to enhance the beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
Making  good compost tea begins with well prepared ingredients. We start with actively
managed, mature compost that has been turned a few times. The Tea ingredients consist
composed of  kelp, wheat, hay, blood meal, fish emulsion and   cow,  chicken  and mule  
rabbit manure, kelp and pumpkin pulp Since we make Compost Tea  from manure-based
compost the compost is heated up to at least 135º F for 10 to 14 days . The compost is turned
repeatedly to insure  that a  uniform heating is maintained. After the compost has cooked the
compost is  then  put into burlap sacks. Compost Tea for
all your garden plants and roots.

What Is Asparagus Garden Tea?
The longer the compost remains suspended in the water the greater the amount of
soluble materials will be extracted from the Compost these include both living organisms
and the nutrients that will feed them.  Compost tea that is well aerated and recirculated
will require a shorter brewing time than tea made without adequate agitation.
After the burlap sacks   are filled and then tied. The seeping process begins. The sacks are  
microbes begin to come aliv
Apply as often as you like and every plant responds positively with new greener growth. In
liquid form nutrients and minerals are readily absorbed by your plants. It reaps fast rewards
greener leaves, bigger, brighter blooms, and large, more prolific fruit and vegetables.  
From the minute your seedlings emerge, to the final days of fall, your plants benefit from the
nutrient rich ingredients of the Asparagus Garden  Tea.
Mildew Downy
The benefits of Asparagus Garden Tea are many. For example, the compost we till into our
soil at the beginning of the gardening season will have "good" microorganisms threw out the
soil. However,  after a   month or two the "good" microorganisms begin to die off. Asparagus  
Garden Tea is not only food for the asparagus  plants but also food so the "good"  
microorganism can flourish   in other words the Asparagus Garden Tea is needed to feed the
asparagus plants and to keep the "good" microorganisms flourishing.
Save Your Self Time and Energy Buy Asparagus Tea Just Add Water. We have done
the work for you
*********** How To Use Asparagus Garden Tea ***********
Comes in zip lock bag ready to use.
1.  Take 3 - 4 tablespoons and put in a gallon container.
2.  Shake up the container.
3.  Place in the sun for 2-3 hours and it is ready to use.
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