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Understanding How An Artichokes Grow:
When To Harvest  Artichokes
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Excellent  Nutritional Value:
Why Grow Artichoke Plants For Sale
Artichoke Plants will add a unique bold addition your
garden. The Artichoke is a tender edible veggie that
will last about 5 years.

The plant makes a flower head. Inside the flower head
is the Artichoke "heart" -- the meaty tender part that is
so delicious.
The Artichoke Plant For sale has the following nutritional benefits. The Artichoke will provide plenty  of  
fiber. Foe example, the average artichoke of 120 grams will provide 10.3 grams of fiber. A normal amount of
required fiber for men is 38 grams. For women the required amount is 21-25 grams of fiber.

In Addition to abundant fiber in Artichoke Plants will provide magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, and a
natural source of antioxidants.

There is no fat, cholesterol nor trans fats in Artichokes. These are good  reasons  to make room in our
gardens include Artichoke Plants For Sale.
Where's The Heart In The Artichoke ?
Keep your heart "healthy". Grow Artichoke Plants in your
garden or in a container.
There are a couple of thorns at the top of the main bud. These can
be clipped off when you harvest the artichokes from the plant
Pull off some of the outer petals.
Leave the inner petals intact
The Artichoke Heart - is the sweet fleshy meaty part of
the Artichoke in  the center.
Each stem makes flowers. The "top head" or also called the
"terminal bud". The bud is the highest top bud on the main
stem. It opens first and ripens first.

Other buds will form through out the plant stems
Terminal Bud - Top Head
What will you receive in your Artichoke Plants For Sale?
An Artichoke Plant that has a primary roots system, lateral root
system, stems and leaves. Artichoke Plants are not shipped bare

You must grow the buds. Artichoke Plants For Sale will produce
Artichokes first season you plant them.
Care-free and Tender
Sweet  Artichoke Globe Plants
Roots For Sale.
Where To Plant Artichokes:
Grow Artichokes In Your Garden or on  Patio In A Container
Artichoke Plants For Sale can be grown in all climates . It
just depends on how you do it.

First of all plant in area that the  Artichokes can get 100
frost free days

Second, Artichokes must be exposed  to the cold for the
flower to bloom. And we do that part before we ship them
to you.
Artichokes produce their best crop before the  summer
heat sets in.

If the  100 days is in question then start the 1 yr old
Artichoke Plants For Sale in doors then put out side when
frost is no longer an issue.
If the Artichoke is not harvested it will turn into a gorgeous
purple flower. Some gardeners just grow them for the
flower too.
Soil Requirements:
Soil requirements is the same no matter where you decide to plant
your Artichokes:
Artichokes are deep rooted so prepared soil well. Add 5 inches
aged compost throw in some bone meal and lots of organic matter
and some peat moss. Mix it all together well. The goal here is to
end up  light sandy loam soil that has good drainage with a pH of
6.0 - 6.8
A couple of days before your Artichoke plants arrive make a
trench. The trench should be  about 8 inches deep and about 1 1/2
feet wide. If your using a container -- cut a trench across the wide
of the container just like if you would out in your garden.

If the soil is kept to wet then Artichoke root will surely rot. Do Water
If the soil is too dry,  then the chokes will be small. So just
moderated watering.
Pot or Container Size For Your Artichoke Plants For Sale:

pot size or container should be large enough for 2 cubic feet of
soil. For easy figuring -  20 inches deep 36 - 40 inches wide made of a  
study material.

Second, the pot or container should have large drain hole and many of
If your planting area has winters that are long and below 20 degrees then
you will have to bring the pot in to your garage or basement or house
(make lovely house plant).  So remember to bring the pots in.

Third, take outside for cooling period around 40 degrees. Click here for
Pots For Sale pots
and Containers For Sale  

Fourth, make many drain holes in the bottom and sides of the  pot or
container. Use a drill it makes the job go ever so easy and fast.

Fifth,  this green container in this picture is a hard plastic container like
those found at Wall mart or the Dollar Store.
If you like it -- use it.

Pots and Garden Containers For Sale:
Here's the down side of this hard plastic tub . The tub has a tendency to
crack. And if you don't like having to drill hole and don't want a container
that is going to possibly crack,  then use our soft plastic containers that
comes with pre-made drained holes. Click here for selection
 Pots and
Containers For Sale
Gardening Tips On Growing Artichokes:
1. First Year:       For bigger and better Artichokes cut off the flower head.
2. Second Year:    Harvest as often as you like.
3. Third Year:       Save some off shoots for planting  "Off sets" are little plants soots
that are   from the Mother plant that have roots and shoots.
Harvest Artichoke when head are closed and firm. Artichokes grown as a perennial that would be
those Gardeners that are in zones 8 - 10. Harvest in  the Spring. The Spring harvest  would be your
first harvest. Then harvest  all season long tapering off in the Fall.
Artichokes as Annual
Mid summer to Fall. Harvest Till Fall
Varieties of Artichokes:
Water through out the year about 1-2 inches a week. Less after
prepared for winter. Water 3 times a week in hot dry spell.
The "bracts" can be eaten too -  the leaves surrounding the flower bud and
then the tender heart at the base of the bud.

If the Artichokes are not harvested  they will turn into gorgeous purple flower
Fast and Easy To Grow: Save time on growing  Buy 1 Yr old
Artichoke roots and harvest Artichokes this season.
Growing Artichokes on your patio or in your garden bed
can be a unique bold addition to your garden. And a
delicious one at that.
Easy And Fast  -  Buy Artichoke Plants and
grow in a containers or to your garden.
Plant Artichoke Globe Directly To Your Garden
Here's me on vacation shopping at LA Container. They are located in
Los Angles, California. They have every size and shape of planting
container possible. Very reasonably priced. Be sure and stop in and
check them out.

OK, so you don't live near Los Angles, California and neither do I.  
However it is a grand place to visit. So here's a couple of other
Selecting The Correct Container
"I want a container that is fast easy and
ready to use".  Please send me those big
black container pots and put my order in
the same shipping box".
15 -  Gallon
25 -  Gallon
2-  Gallon
You Can Grow Artichokes Any Where -- We Can  Show You How

Artichoke plants can be grown in any climate and any zone.
Artichoke Plants are no longer a plant that can only be grown on the Pacific coast.
Gardeners in cold states can grow Artichoke Plants Too.
Artichoke Plants are no longer a plant that can only be grown only on the Pacific coast.
Cold zones can grow Artichokes too. And this is how you do it.
How To Plant Artichoke G lobe For Sale:
The Artichoke plants that you will receive will have a root, stems and leaves,The Artichokes do not have to be
chilled. Meaning set out side at temperatures 32 -50 degrees. The plants have already been chilled here at our
Farm. After planting the bottom set of leaves may turn yellow -- and that is OK. Just pinch them off and the plant
will send up new ones.

How ToPlant Artichoke Globe. Plant Artichokes  in the trench up to the first set of leaves. Go about 4 feet and
plant the next Artichoke Plant. After you have them all in the trench give the Artichokes a nice drink of the
Tea. Here' sthe Link
Now it is time to look at varieties of Artichoke Plants For Sale.  
The Artichoke Garden Tea is all organic. Put 3 tablespoons in a gallon of water. Them place gallon in the sun for 3
hrs. Now the Tea is ready to use -- just that simple. The Tea is a direct feed to the Artichoke root.

Therefore Artichoke has new home and has had lunch and now ready to take off growing for you. The Tea can be
used as often as you like -- use in place of watering. As your Artichoke plants take off growing at the end of the first
month following the schedule below.
Fertilize Artichokes:
Young Chokes:           5 -10 -10              every 4 weeks               Mature Chokes:         10 -10 -10       every  4
Fall:                            High Nitrogen

Water the Artichoke Plants For Sale first. Then put the fertilizer to the side of the plant.
Do not fertilize in winter or when plant has been prepared for dormancy
Artichokes Are Heavy Feeders -- When To Fertilize:
Artichoke Garden Tea:    "Lunch Please"
In Sum:
Let's take a minute and review what we are doing
1. Prepare soil to sandy loam base.
2. Select A Variety
3. Plant at a depth up to first set of leaves.
4. Feed the Garden Tea
5. Fertilize as schedule says.
6. Plants are growing well
7. Terminal Bud firms and is ready to harvest.
8. Order Now For Spring 2013 Shipping.
Preserving Artichoke Plants For The Winter
For those that planted in outside garden. Before the first frost yet you want to
make sure that cooler temperatures are forth coming. First, cut your Artichoke
plants to 15 inches. Second, then take and bend the stalk to the ground. Third,
mix into the soil 1 1/2 cups of fertilizer per plant. Fourth,  place 4 inches of mulch
on the plant. You may have to weight down the stalk at first to keep it bent over.
Fifth,  add 8 inches of straw on top of the mulch. Sixth , place a tarp over the
plants.  Give moderate drink once a month till ground is frozen.
Gardening In Containers
For those that planted Artichoke Plants For Sale in containers. Move the container in door where the
temperature does not get lower than 32 degrees. You can cut the plants down or leave them with foliage.
Remember that they do make lovely house plants too. Water about once a week. Fertilize once a month. When
about 40 degrees temperature return and sure there is no frost. Put the containers outside for the chilling. Then
when absolutely sure frost is gone for the season leave them outside in your garden.
Annual or Perennial Depends On How You Preserve The Artichoke Plants
For Sale During the Winter.
Click Down Arrow For Options
Cover the plants as described above. Or just let them die out in the Fall and replace them again the following
 I would recommend trying to preserve the Artichokes by preparing them for winter. The benefits of the
Artichokes returning in the Spring is the older the root the bigger and more sweeter the buds they produce.
Container - Pots For Sale
Make many large holes.
Easy to grow in any zone.  Artichoke
roots and harvest
Wet the soil as you fill the container.
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